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The Best ABA Program for Your Child.

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ABA Therapy

Listen-2-Me is dedicated to providing high quality based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to families throughout Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Los Angeles County.

Naturalistic Environment

Where every child is empowered.

This company was established to provide a new way of supporting and teaching individuals impacted with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. Our main objective is to prevent more individuals from becoming into "robots" based on old ABA techniques. As a parent of a child with autism and ADHD, this company was established to support and teach families that ABA is not about controlling children, but helping children learn how to communicate with us and enjoy being themselves. We do not do any ABA work at the table; we do not teach "I want"; and most importantly, we do not "train" our kiddos for 100% compliance. Instead, we utilize the same ABA principles in a more natural way that captures the child's internal motivation, which allows for faster learning and long-term generative learning.


Hello Texas!

Listen-2-me LLC will be accepting new patients in the Lone Star State of Texas starting January 1, 2023.

We are accepting clients in Houston and Austin.

Please call 832-353-1599 for more information. 


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Available Services

Every child will have a BCBA monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of their treatment plan and progress.

1:1 ABA Therapy

Invite you to inquire about how ABA can be fun for your child while learning to communicate with you.

Your child has the right to learn in the most fun way possible.

High customer satisfaction
About Us

Our Story

When working with students and children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that had ABA therapy with agencies and BCBAs, it hurt me to hear "I want," "all done," "more," and using other monotone phrases when interacting with me and other individuals. I knew I wanted to change this as ABA is not about making children robots, but empowering them with the necessary skills to reach their potential. This is why Listen-2-me LLC was established, to give families a chance to know that there is a way to use ABA principles to help children learn and communicate without having them become "robots."

Let us be part of your child’s journey of learning.

Albert Anaya


Our Team

Our Staff

All our staff are dedicated to making a difference in every child we accept into our company. You have a dedicated CEO who understands the meaning of working hard and wanting to support every family that seeks high quality ABA therapy.

Albert Anaya

CEO/Clinical Director

Andrew Zuniga

HR Manager

We want to positively impact the lives of every child with autism and other developmental disabilities. Why not join us in this journey?

Let your child explore and learn.


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    Work With Us!

    Interested in working as a behavior therapist with children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

    If you are a behavior analyst and looking for a company that values each employee and lots of growth opportunities.


    Hiring BCBAs

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst is needed in Anaheim, CA. Design, implement, modify, and monitor Individualized Treatment Plans for clients on caseload based on assessment results. Conduct functional behavioral assessments and/or functional analyses of problem behavior and develop behavior intervention plans as needed. Document progress on goals by designing and implementing data collection procedures in order to inform treatment modifications from data-based decisions. Regularly review client-related documentation and data collection, providing feedback to team members as needed. Instruct, motivate, and assist clients to learn and improve functional activities. Train Behavior Technicians in Verbal Behavior and ABA techniques. Maintain ongoing communication with parents and caregivers, including the provision of training and instruction on behavioral strategies and implementing ABA teaching methods in the home. Create and submit scheduled progress reports to insurance providers. Fidelity checks and performance reviews for supervised staff, providing coaching and feedback as indicated. Other related duties as assigned or requested.

    Req. Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Must have Board Certification as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and in good standing with the BACB. 9-5, 40 hr/wk. Salary offered: $49000.00 per year

    Mail resume to Listen-2-me LLC at 421 N. Brookhurst Street Suite 130, Anaheim, CA 92801


    Visit us at one of our locations.

    League City, Texas

    2701 Alessandria Ln League City, Texas 77573-2289.

    Anaheim, California

    421 N. Brookhurst St. Suite 130, Anaheim, CA 92801

    1:1 ABA Therapy

    A 1:1 behavior therapist will work with your child in goals established in their medical treatment plan designed by a BCBA in collaboration with parents/caregivers. Parents/caregivers will be supported across the home, community, clinic and school based on funding source approval.


    A BCBA will supervise the overall medical treatment implementation to ensure progress is constant and goals are being met with input from parents/caregivers. Goals not making progress will be adjusted and supported to ensure that all the treatment goals can be met in the reporting period. All BCBAs have intensive training and support from the clinical director to make necessary changes to support the progress of every child.

    Parent Consultation

    Parent involvement is a cornerstone of our therapy. A BCBA will work with parents/caregivers to empower them in the principles of ABA for long-term implementation once treatment has discontinued. All strategies are implemented in the most natural way to ensure that learning is fun for both the child and his/her parents/caregivers. All learning is based on the motivation of the child and parents/caregivers.


    All evaluations are conducted by a BCBA to determine what medical necessity is currently impeding your child from reaching his/her potential. Every evaluation is comprehensive and reviewed and approved by parents/caregivers. Listen-2-me LLC utilizes an advanced digital platform that is HIPAA compliant and parents have 24 hours full access to their child's data and documents through their parent portal.

    Social Skills

    Socializing with family members and friends is fundamental for a fulfilling and meaningful life. Hence, we strive to focus on teaching our patients how to appropriately interact with those around him/her. We used evidence-based strategies during group sessions to practice those skills learned during 1:1 therapy. We use TeachTown, PEERS, and SuperFlex to teach appropriate behaviors to our patients across different settings and groups.

    School Support

    1:1 aide supports students in their classroom to implement the behavior intervention plan (BIP) and IEP goals set by the IEP team and parents/caregivers. This service is district funded and approved by the IEP team and district. If any family is interested in this service, please reach out to our clinical team to discuss how Listen-2-me LLC can support you and your child in the district.

    Albert Anaya

    I graduated from University of California, San Diego in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science with specialization in Neuroscience. My original plan was to take the MCATs and then enter medical school. As I was trying to study and go into medical school, I worked as a behavior therapist in Orange County. It was here that I fell in love working and interacting with families and individuals impacted with autism and other developmental disabilities. I chose to change my plans and not become a medical doctor but instead work with families in their homes while making a direct impact. I knew that I wanted to learn more about ABA, so I chose to get my master's degree at Sage Colleges, New York in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism in 2013 along with my BCBA credentials. I've been working in the field since 2009 and have never regretted the difference I have made with so many families and individuals. Now my purpose is to expand and make a greater difference with Listen-2-me LLC.

    Listen-2-me LLC was established in the name of all those impacted with autism and other developmental disabilities that taught me a lot about ABA and autism. Every child and adolescent that I worked with showed me that a diagnosis is not a disability, but more a power to make a difference in those they live with. It taught me that we need to move away from traditional ABA and instead use natural contingencies (or synthesized contingencies) to change socially significant behaviors. This can be done in a fun natural environment and not all at the table. We are dedicated to making a difference in the most humane way possible while moving away from robotic responses (e.g., "I want," "all done," "more," etc.) and teaching individuals robotic behaviors (e.g., token boards, timers, etc.). Every child is a human, so we need to treat them as we want to be treated. Join our cause by learning more about Listen-2-me LLC community efforts.

    Andrew Zuniga

    I have experience with team leading and management skills from previously working in other companies. Having these crucial skills is the base to what it takes to have a successful team and work environment. Having this experience has allowed me to grow into the position of being a successful Behavior Therapist and Human Resource Manager here at Listen-2-me ABA. At Listen-2-me LLC I support our employees and families by listening to their concerns and finding a solution that fits everyone's needs. This collaborative approach ensures our clients with autism and other developmental disabilities get to live a healthy quality of life. Listen-2-me has given me the platform in making a difference every day which gives me a purpose on a daily basis. I enjoy my time here impacting the lives of individuals around me and seeing the impact we have in the community.