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Donation of Backpacks in Colombia 2023

Today was a BIG day for Listen-2-me. We were able to donate 60 backpacks to children in Colombia who were in need of school supplies. Our goal was originally 100 children and we were trying to get donations from families and our goal was $10,000. Unfortunately, only one person donated 20 dollars and we were short $9,980 dollars. Listen-2-me LLC did not want to give up on these children and our mission to make a difference in Colombia. We joined forces with another organization in Colombia called Pequeñas Mentes Brillantes and worked hard to do fund raising. We did everything possible to reach $10,000 and make a difference with 100 families, but we failed short. However, we are happy that we did make a difference with 60 children. We hope that next year as we continue to expand and make a difference in the community and the world, that more families will help join our cause and donate. Please see the smiles and gratitude from so many families in Colombia. Thank you all for those in Colombia that helped pass out the backpacks and takes lots of pictures for those that were not able to make it in-person.
Next year Listen-2-me LLC will continue to make an impact in the world. Not sure what country it will be, but please follow us Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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